3 21st Century Marketing Approach To Attract More Clients To Your Hair Salon

3 21st Century Marketing Approach To Attract More Clients To Your Hair Salon

Dear paddington hairdresser, whether you are starting a new hair salon in paddington or scaling an existing one in New Jersey, more client is never a second thought in the mind of a salon owner. 

It’s all about getting people to know you are there, and more about reminding them I am here. No matter how great a salon you set up, there’s nothing to be proud of if people do not know you exist. Moreso, salons are everywhere. Look around and you’d be quick to realise that. 

To get a competitive edge, you need to start doing more than local awareness every Clara and Jones are doing and follow the footsteps of some of the most successful hair salons around. 

Dont get overwhelmed, there are many ways to gradually position your salon before thousands of customers. Rest assured, this isn’t a more-client-approah of the 90s, but a trackable, measurable and targeted approach of the technological era. Online is where everyone is. You need to be there. You need to go digital. 

Ready? Let’s get your salon onto the big screen 

1. Own and Hone Your Website

Clients like stories when they are tell in a stylish and creative way. Your website is your best shot at it, the only place to elaborate your uniqueness, expantiate your working culture and share beautiful stories about your business.

The more information you could capture in few words the better. Remember, this ain’t a news or magazine website, dont bore them with too much stories, not in an era where simplicity shapes users’ experience. Keep it simple but detailed.

Don’t forget “a picture speaks a thousand words”, capture your story in your best photos and show them you’ve got more than the casual. 

Optimize your website for targeted keywords used by potential customers, and since you are targeting a local market, it doesn’t get easier ranking for specific (not generic) and local keywords. 

Tell your customers about your services, state clearly your pricing system, show them your competent staff members and let them have a glimpse of what your salon looks like. 

With these lot information presented in styles, you are likely to get someone convinced. Thus it’s imperative you integrate a super easy means for them to book appointment and consultation. Nothing could be friendlier than free consultation. That’s what the majority are doing

There you go… You’ve ticked the first box of this marketing buzz. Let’s move on…

2. Visual Branding:

Branding is your business perception from others’ viewpoint. Visual branding is creating a brand identity through the use of visual elements such as imagery, logo, color, shapes, typography, fonts and other creative designs. Your visual branding must be authentic, beautiful and real. 

Here’s how to go about it…

Before hiring someone to do the creatives, sit back and think about the personality and culture you want your salon to stand for.

You might want to ask this questions: if your salon were a person, what kind of person would it be? What personality would it portray? What character would it be known for? Once you are able to settle that. The rest depends on consistency. 

The next card to play here is to identify your target audience, understand their personalities and what kind of business they want to relate to. Go deeper by studying their likes and dislikes. Only then the time is ripe to bring them your visual brand. 

The key point here is to gun for consistency in all your visual elements. Your images, filters, banners, typography, colors, fonts, must resonate with the personality you’ve chosen for your brand. This way you will impress the right clients. 

Consistent in this context means the ability to make people associate some visual element to your brand. For instance, once you choose a personality for your brand, your instagram post, facebook photos, website, email etc. must share common traits and elements that create an instantly recognizable Identity. to learn more about visual branding visit at https://www.brafton.com/blog/graphics/visual-branding/

For instance, brighter colors speaks well for funny and exciting personalities. Make sure you discuss your personality your creative designer 

That’s it…The second box ticked. What do we have up next. 

3. Social Media

Any marketing guide of today without this is incomplete. Maybe a colossal omission on the part of the curator, but certainly not deliberate leftout from any marketing geek. 

Different platform for different purpose. There are tons of social platform out there, facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. But when it comes to marketing a salon business, just two of the above has been proven to be more effective. 

Marketing your salon on social media typically refers to two things; facebook marketing and Instagram marketing. Both platform are unique in their ways and bring different tone to marketing.

Facebook is best for displaying what your brand is made of, while instagram does a better job in showing off. Therefore to post pictures of your brand and showcase your work that customers are attracted to; use instagram often. And when it’s time to post about business events, Facebook is the go-to

Your Facebook page may be updated at intervals (twice, thrice, or four time in a week) but your Instagram feeds needs to be filled every single day. ( 2-3 posts per day)

For your facebook page, create time to post contents such as salon tour, customers’ feedback, interview session, live videos, behind-the-scenes and  healthy hair tips. For your Instagram feed you can do the same. Add hair care products that you sell, salon interiors, designs, clients picture, staff photos and fun moments. 

Since you are creating a super visual brand that is real, beautiful and authentic, people looking for real authenticity are likely to check you out on Facebook while for people seeking real beauty, your instagram feed will serve them well. 

Facebook also allows for more information than Instagram. Phone numbers, websites, details and staff details etc. 

These are the 3 golden marketing approach of the 21st century every salon owner must put in place to attract more and more clients. They are the foundation upon which other should be built,  ads, .discount, and social proof. If this works for other, it should work for you. So go ahead, tick thses three boxes and you’ve set the sail to conquer your local competitors. click here to learn more about social media marketing.

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